Boracay is the most famous beach destination in the Philippines. It was also voted as one of the World’s Best Islands of 2012 according to Travel+Leisure.

With the increasing number of international flights flying directly to Kalibo, it is becoming more accessible to tourists. It’s a shame to admit that this is my first time to ever visit Boracay. 😛 But I’m sure I’m not the only Filipino who has never been there yet. Plane tickets to Boracay can somehow get pricey (especially to Caticlan, which is the nearer airport to Boracay), which is why some FIlipinos would rather skip this touristy beach (because there are many beautiful white sand beaches in the Philippines!) Upon seeing cheap tickets flying from Manila to Caticlan in November, I decided to celebrate my birthday in Boracay.

There are plenty of activities to do in Boracay. When you come, I recommend that you parasailing, or ATV riding, go to Jonah’s Fruit Shake (try the choco banana peanut butter shake!), order calamansi muffins at Real Coffee and Tea Cafe, visit Puka Beach, and watch fire dancing at night.

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