Bantayan Island is located at the northern tip of Cebu. It is famous in Cebu for its beautiful white sand beach which is comparable to Boracay. They call it as the quiet and laid back version of Boracay. To get there, catch the bus going to Hagnaya Port from the Cebu City North Bus Terminal. It will take about 3 hours to reach the port. From Hagnaya Port, catch the 75 min. ferry ride going to Santa Fe, the gateway to Bantayan.


We stayed at the Anika Island Resort, a beautiful beach front accommodation in Santa Fe, which is one of the few resorts that remained intact despite of the strong typhoon (Haiyan) that hit the island 3 months before we came. They have excellent service and the food is good. If you come to Bantayan and stay at Anika, dine at their restaurant, try the Sinuglao (grilled Liempo with kinilaw).

You might notice the damage that the typhoon has brought to Bantayan just by looking at the palm trees. but then the beach remained gorgeous. The pictures below were taken on a fine sunny afternoon.

One of the places you can visit in Bantayan is the Santa Fe Beach Club and Ogtong Cave Resort. We hired a tricycle driver from outside our resort to take us there.

When you come to Bantayan, do not miss to take the half day excursion to the virgin island. We asked Anika to arrange the trip for us including a packed lunch of pork bbq and rice. Take note that there are no restaurants.

Silion, or more commonly known as Virgin Island, is wonderfully decorated with seashells, straw huts, and hammocks. the sand is powdery white and the water is very clear… It’s paradise! ❤

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