OTW belongs to kitina, an average working lady with an insatiable hunger for travel. I love taking pictures when I travel and I still have a lot to improve. As a photography enthusiast, this blog will be photo heavy and less blah blah… because I love taking pictures more than writing 😛 You can actually just browse through the pictures and ignore the lousy writing hehe… Also I don’t blog regularly but I’ll try to update every once in a while.

Other than traveling and photography, I’m also into digital arts (I used to be a web designer and I like “photoshopping” when I’m in the mood to do so), staying fit (I go to the gym regularly), dancing (I think I was born to dance harhar), trying out some water sports (keyword “try”), beaches, food, dogs, cats, and a good cup of coffee.

All photos in this blog are property of OTW unless otherwise stated. I know I’m not a professional, which is why I don’t watermark my photos (I also think it’s kinda douchey), but if you want to use any of my photos, please ask permission or at least link back to OFFTOWANDER.COM. Thank you!

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